Military-to-Federal Resume

Navigate the complex federal application process with a Military-to-Federal Resume

Military-to-Federal Resume

  • Price: $324

  • Project turnaround: approximately 7 business days, please allow 2 weeks for project completion.

The Importance of a Professionally Written Military-to-Federal Resume

The U.S. Government is the largest employer in the United States, hiring more than 2% of the nation's work force. There are thousands of job openings within the federal government in every state and large metropolitan area, including overseas in more than 200 countries, many of which offer special hiring privileges to veterans. However, coming up with a federal resume that will get noticed can be tough for transitioning military job seekers. A federal resume is often your job application, examination, and interview all rolled into one. Let a professional military resume writer use the most up-to-date tricks of the trade to help you standout.

A federal resume is a complex document with unique formatting and content requirements. If you want to be a federal employee or advance within the federal government it is essential that you have a professionally written federal resume. Our federal resume experts will help you understand the application process and build a federal resume that will highlight your qualifications and meet core requirements.

Please note that every Military-to-Federal Resume includes one Federal Resume Retarget. Federal Resume Targeting is a great way to really focus on the federal job you want. Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can tailor your resume to a specific federal listing using the language found in the job posting. If you are applying for a job that you are fully qualified for but you can't seem to get past the initial computer screen phase, this is a great way to get your resume in the hands of a real person.

After Your Purchase of a Military-to-Federal Resume

A Military Resumes Production Coordinator will ask you to complete a worksheet detailing your work history, education, training, and accomplishments. Once complete, the worksheet will be utilized by our professional military resume writers. For those who wish to send us their performance evaluations, awards, and/or training documents for sourcing, “premium” service is available.

The first draft of your Military-to-Federal Resume will be reviewed by professional federal resume writers in our Quality Control Department. A 2-week revision period is guaranteed because additional information, revisions, and military resume customization may be necessary. Federal resume personalization sessions via telephone are available with our Director of Resume Services, a Federal Job Search Trainer and certified professional federal resume writer, at your convenience.

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